Dickens Club: The Company

Wherein your hosts, authors, and contributors–your Crummles-like “core Company”–introduce themselves; including those in our member list who post or comment regularly, and who said “Barkis is willin’!” to our request for a short biography.

Note: This is a work-in-progress! Email Rach if you’d say “Barkis is willin'” to be featured here.

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Your Dickens Club Hosts/Authors


Rachel M. (pen name: Sydney Wren) is a scribbler, seamstress, & Dickens Fellowship member who fell in love with Dickens as a teenager, reading The Pickwick Papers & Dombey & Son. (It’s in large part the fault of our member Lenny–the best teacher ever!) Her heroes include Sydney Carton, Sam Weller, & Miss Jenny Wren. She thinks the filmed RSC Nicholas Nickleby is far more crucial to take to a desert island than Thomas’ Guide to Practical Shipbuilding. Her first novel WIP, a modern-gothic “love letter to Dickens,” is represented by Maura Phelan of Green Light Literary.


Boze Herrington is a mystery and middle-grade novelist who revels in detail and rejoices in hope. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, The Guardian, Plough, Nerdist, Lit Hub, and on The Home of Agatha Christie. He tweets about books and faith @SketchesbyBoze. He thinks The Pickwick Papers is just about the best book ever.

Your Dickens Club Authors


I am a proud card carrying Dickensian. While I hold a degree in English (Victorian) Literature, I have a particular passion for Dickens criticism and biography which is a never ending source of varied content and extreme satisfaction. My knowledge of Dickens is primarily self-taught and I have come to love, in particular, Little Dorrit which I find to be so rich and so hopeful, as is my favorite Dickens character Miss Tox of Dombey & Son. I live in the Midwest with my husband and near my four sons and two daughters-in-law. I love ice hockey, my Peloton bike, my plants, and, most recently, my Dickens Club family (who also provide a never ending source of varied content and extreme satisfaction!).

Your Dickens Club Contributorrs


I’m a reclusive writer in the PNW, working on a series of speculative fiction novels with Arthurian themes. In the Dickensian vein, Sydney Carton was one of my first literary crushes and I have watched the Alistair Sim A Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve since I was about 9 or 10 years old–a tradition I’ve successfully passed down to my kids. Otherwise, my favorite “film” adaptation is (of course) the RSC Nicholas Nickleby while my favorite novel is most probably Bleak House.   

Among other notable achievements, I firmly believe Boz concocted three of the best (worst) marriage proposals in literary history: two by Mr Guppy; and (the #1 best/worst of all time) Headcase’s, I mean Headstone’s, proposal to Lizzie Hexam in Our Mutual Friend. (In this august fellowship of best-worst marriage proposal writers our beloved Jane Austen must run a close second, with delicious examples from Mr Darcy and Mr Collins, just in Pride and Prejudice. But I digress. As usual.