Member List for the Dickens Chronological Reading Club 2022-23

The Dickensians.

Dear Fellow Dickensians! Here is our running list for members of the Dickens Chronological Reading Club 2022-23, in case you wish to follow any of the other members! They are organized alphabetically by first name (or nickname/handle), with only the first letter of the last name. I have linked to that person’s twitter profile when I know of one. Please feel free to message me on the contact page here or on twitter (@wren_and_paper) if you want yourself removed, or if there is a misspell or change needing to be made, or if I’ve not added you yet! I’ve tried to keep a list of everyone who has responded with an intent to join, either here on WordPress or on twitter, but many more have “liked” or commented on it, so if you’re following along too, I’d love to add you! And sometimes twitter’s replies get lost in replies of replies, etc…

(Note: the featured image is of Sam Weller and Mr Pickwick overlooking a crowd of Dickensian characters ~ a little like Where’s Waldo? From an unaccredited 19th century wood engraving.)

Bonnie F. @bonnie_field

Bookshelf Odyssey (ArtK on WordPress, and on twitter)

Boze H @SketchesbyBoze

CanAmMan @ReedStenhouse

Cassandra A (WordPress and twitter)

Christine M @chrisocco5

Connie @Caf01_Tx

Dana R @RailWrites

Daniel M (WordPress)

Dave B @DavidBe07512114

Fiona G @FionadotGraham

Francis (WordPress)

Gabriela J. @enjoyingbooks (and Facebook)

Gina D. @ginadalfonzo

Glenn (WordPress)

Henry O. @HenryEOliver

Icona @Iconawrites

Ikwood @Ikwood181

ItsAllAbouttheBooks (WordPress)

Jacquelyn T @jm_thayer

Jamie G

Jen B @ourownstrings

Jessica H @Jessica_A_Holt also (WordPress)

Joe W @joewaters

Karen @kareng0327

Katarina W @katarinawalsh

Kendall M @kendall_mattern

Kevin D. (Mastodon)

Laura P @geddestarget

Laura S @ljswansonwrites

Lenny H (marilenn65 on WordPress)

Marc K @marckeepper

Marnie F.

Mary @zalm1_1

Matt Carton @mattcarton

(Deacon) Matthew Knight @mknightarena (blog here; podcast here)

Maura P @maurakphelan

OG Balabusta @BalabustaOG

Phyllis O @orrickle

Plex @guanacowriter

Priscilla T @Priscil78334265

Rachel M (me) @wren_and_paper

Rob G. @Llogtrebor

Robert @Robert76907841

Ruth I @theTDsWife

Saellyn @Saellyn

Sarah @ladyjoburg

Sarah @penelopecrayon

Sofia G. @SofiaGermain

Steven R @StevenRoper1

Yvonne @yvonnezlam


  1. What a delight to be in Dickensian community! Thanks much, Dickensian Wren, for sharing this list.

    I continue to be amazed by Dickens’ astonishing capacity–his magnanmity and ability to portray such a rich array of human beings and conditions. Incomparable. Inimitable. The Shakespeare of the novel.

    Let’s heed Dickens’ exhortation to avoid self-pity and melacholy:

    “. . . draw your chair nearer the blazing fire—fill the glass and send round the song—and if your room be smaller than it was a dozen years ago, or if your glass be filled with reeking punch, instead of sparkling wine, put a good face on the matter, and empty it offhand, and fill another, and troll off the old ditty you used to sing, and thank God it’s no worse.”

    This pandemic is enough to dampen the brightest spirits!

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  2. Daniel: I love your quote, “Shakespeare of the novel.” In this regard, is it true that he bought and lived in a house on Gads hill directly across from Falstaff’s tavern?

    Liked by 1 person

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