About “the person of the house”

Like Miss Jenny Wren, I’m a seamstress (who had a tiny sewing business for 13.5 years & am now doing contract work for a local seamstress) applying some of those skills to practicing dollmaking and dolls’ dressmaking in my spare time. Another instance where Art influences Life, perhaps…? A hopeless reader and daydreamer, I can well understand Lizzie Hexam’s tendency to stare at the hearth and see things in the hollow down by the flare. I may be generally as single & solitary a fellow as Master Humphrey, but I also, like Tom Pinch and Newman Noggs, delight in family and friends and in being a little useful in the world. If I can travel through life with something of the spirit of romance that remained always in the hearts of Master Humphrey and Mr Pickwick, with the good humor of Sam Weller, I will be content ~ and hopefully make some fellow travelers happier too.

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