Supplement to Introduction to Sketches & Pickwick

To supplement the absolutely fabulous introductions provided by our own Inimitable Wren I’ve attached below those provided by Peter Ackroyd for both “Sketches by Boz” and “Pickwick Papers”. His little book, “Introduction to Dickens” is indeed “an indispensable companion to the life and work of the quintessential Victorian” Dickens and a great addition to anyone’s library. The entries are short but erudite, showcasing Ackroyd’s deep love and appreciation for both Dickens and his works. Going forward I will post the chapters on each of Dickens’s works as we read them.


  1. Chris, like Rach, so grateful for these eight pages from Ackroyd’s biography and introduction. I will make this material (which I just printed off) my Sunday reading!

    Blessings, as we continue to explore the “quintessential Victorian”!!!

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